Id20 believes that we must leave this environment better than we found it in.

Our purpose is to add new life to existing buildings and make them flourish in the 21st century. We achieve this through lasting, meaningful design that brings value and joy to our clients and users. Our international expertise allows us to undertake projects of any scale and complexity using state of the art technology and resources. We enjoy working with anybody who shares our belief that architecture can make a positive, inspirational but never overbearing contribution to the world around us.

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We can make any space flourish, firstly testing the feasibility of the project, and then developing the design and delivering in with a constructed project.


We can find many ways to create environments that achieve meaningful impact.


Making stories and ideas heard and understood through various forms of visual language.


We conduct evidence-informed and comparative research on heritage related topics, with a focus on how we can design to achieve better performance, sustainability, health and well-being.


Our team can advise you on how best to achieve measurable impact and unlock the potential in your ideas!


Immersing people in telling your story through innovative branding.

Our References
  • Idrija Miners Houses: How to Renovate?
  • Revitalization of Francis shaft In Idrija
  • Competition proposal - We are renovating!
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We help you in unlocking the potential of your property through means tailored to your needs, ambitions and resources.
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