Taking heritage
one step further.

ID20 takes the processes in heritage innovation one step further!

ID20 was established with a vision to transform heritage from a thing of the past to a matter of future. Based in Idrija, Slovenia, a former world’s second-largest mercury mine and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the intertwinement of heritage and innovation created the perfect environment for innovation in business, service and creativity sectors.


Helping young people with ideas develop products and services that seek inspiration in rich local cultural heritage.



Supporting organisations and brands that build on cultural and natural heritage at reaching and engaging their customers and partners.



Syntesysing heritage and modern society through innovative, integrated and sustainable design solutions.

Success story

In order to tackle the outmigration of youth from small and semi-peripheral towns, HeritageLab was developed as a comprehensive incubation program for young people that aims to use the existing concepts of innovation incubation and apply them the to the institutionalized heritage sector, creating new businesses and services.

Success story
The Idria Lace

A brand of hand-made heritage-inspired Idrija lace made by certified lace-makers and a young designer. The business idea today lives on as “Idriamant” and is being developed further on as luxury jewelry under the separate brand “Alquemy”.

Success story
TBI: Youth, Town and Heritage

An international and interdisciplinary workshop on the future of Idrija with 30 young people from 7 countries, analysis, visioning and more than 60 proposals for the future of Idrija. TBI project received ACTYON OF THE YEAR 206 AWARD by a Slovenian Y-generation think-tank Ypsilon.

Success story
TBI Magazine

The magazine was published from 2012 to 2016 and showcased the youthful side of Idrija: demonstrating the potentials and visions of young inhabitants. The magazine was awarded SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 2015 and two special mention awards in 2016 at POMP Forum competition for The Best Slovenian Content Marketing Project.

Success story
Idrija žlikrof festival

After the makeover in 2017, this culinary festival – run in collaboration with Youth Centre Idrija focuses on creative side of traditional EU-protected “Idrija žlikrofi”: by offering the traditional dish with creative sauces, combining it with wines and craft beers, and searching for unusual, but tasty combinations.

Success story
Miners’ Houses Re-Born

The project is raising awareness about the typical residential architecture in Idrija. Through networking and professional engagement private owners are provided with advice, tips and support on renovating the old buildings into the heritage inspired 21st Century homes.

European Heritage Days Stories 2019

Award by the Council of Europe and European Commission for the story of living and creating with cultural heritage of Idrija

European Social Innovation Competition 2018

1st place in a challenge prize run by European Commission for social innovation.

POMP Award 2015

National award for content marketing achievements.

Ypsilon DeYanje 2016

Generation Y prize for special achievements.

Plečnik Award for student recognition 2015

Architect Society of Ljubljana’s award for excellency in architecture.

Inzaghi: A space where heritage meets creativity.

We are located in the machine house of Inzaghi Shaft that is an integral part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our working space perfectly reflects the openness and ingenuity of our approach and offers the right space for heritage innovations.

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idrija 2020

Idrija 2020 Association, a parent organisation of Id20, unites and provides networking opportunities for more than 40 young activitists and supporters. Founded in 2012, its aim has been to develop youth sector and youth policies in the spheres that go beyond the conventional youth programmes: local strategic development, entrepreneurship, revitalisation of heritage, all with the mission to develop Idrija into a youth-friendly municipality.

Idrija 2020 co-founded Id20 Institute to research, promote and support other organisations and individuals in taking one step further in innovation of cultural heritage.

Partners and Collaborators

We collaborate with numerous institutions and organisations both nationally and internationally.