A New Website Invites Digital Nomads to the Countryside  

Current trends in Europe and around the world are turning towards sustainable tourism, which means that tourists who stay in a destination for a long time are coming to the fore. We are also aware of this at the ID20 Institute, where we present the website of the Nomadland project, with which we want to attract digital nomads, sustainable tourists of the 21st century, to the countryside.

As we have already written, within the framework of the Nomadland project: digital nomads - a new opportunity for the European countryside, we are looking for solutions for rural areas characterised by the emigration of young people to larger urban centres. With our partners from Germany, Croatia and Spain, we go one step further and thus put young people at the centre who want to continue their life's journey at least temporarily in the countryside. Modern technological development and social shifts during the COVID-19 pandemic have shown that the countryside can be a perfectly suitable destination for a more extended stay, especially for creative employees who can work remotely as digital nomads.

The Countryside as the Future of Young People

With the Nomadland website, we want to create an entry point for digital nomads interested in learning more about why the countryside represents the future for young people. On the website, which is in English, you can currently obtain basic information about the project and follow the first blog entries, which will be updated regularly. We have prepared content in which you can discover the advantages of the countryside yourself, explore digital tools to learn about the countryside or find out how you can actively spend your free time.

With the Nomadland project team, we got to know Idrija at the initial meeting in June, and now we are discovering the world of digital nomads.

Meet the Digital Nomads

n the coming months, we will be presenting digital nomads working from the countryside and many good practices already established in Europe. We will also pay more attention to the stories of creative individuals from the countryside.

On the new website, we will also publish a special edition of the newspaper in the spring of 2023, which will be dedicated to digital nomads. Next year, we are also preparing a guide for attracting digital nomads to rural areas, with an emphasis on the development of youth work.

We welcome any comments about the new website and suggestions for enrichment which you can send to drejc.kokosar@id20.si.

You will also share the content published on the website through social media, as in the future, we will also be present on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube!

The Nomadland project: digital nomads - a new opportunity for the European countryside is co-financed by the European Commission within the framework of the Erasmus+ program.