Heritagelab Became Part of a Networking Partnership with the Centre for Creativity

HeritageLab, an incubation programme for the development and support of entrepreneurial ideas in the field of cultural heritage, has become part of a networking partnership with the Centre for Creativity (CzK). Membership in the network will provide support for the further growth of our new programme and present an opportunity for young people to transform their ideas in the field of cultural heritage into entrepreneurial success story.

Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) in Slovenia

In recent years, Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) have become increasingly recognized in Slovenia as an important sector, connecting very different areas, from design, architecture and marketing to theatre, music, and cultural heritage. Its importance for the increase in economic diversity was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, which together with the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana designed the Centre for Creativity. By connecting creators, entrepreneurs, and institutions, it aims to further develop potentials of the creative and cultural sector.

HeritageLab Importance Recognized

In 2021, we are launching a HeritageLab incubation programme in cooperation with the Centre for Creativity. The HeritageLab programme has already been recognized as an important actor in the further development of the CCI in Slovenia. The programme has a distinct feature as it focuses on smaller towns and peripheral areas that are facing decrease in employment opportunities and the consequent outmigration of young people. HeritageLab thus not only addresses the importance of preserving (endangered) cultural heritage, but also fosters local community revival.

HeritageLab is a comprehensive step-by-step incubation programme for young people from small and semi-peripheral towns that ‘polish diamonds’ of the local cultural heritage and create new businesses and services, stemming from a new understanding of heritage. The programme offers support in the form of mentorship, market research, testing environment and community. It was recognized as one of the winning projects in the European Social Innovation Competition, organized by European Commission.

Many activities within the HeritageLab programme will take place in the renovated former engine room of the Inzaghi shaft in Idrija.


As part of the HeritageLab, a testing phase will take place between February and December 2021 in Idrija, in the UNESCO World Heritage premises of the ID20 Institute. Three business ideas will be selected and further developed with the help of entrepreneurial experts and heritage professionals. At the same time, the team of ID20 Institute will work on creating a business model which will provide a long-term impact of the programme with possibility for further scaling in similar peripheral areas, rich with cultural heritage.

Teams selected in the first, testing phase of the HeritageLab programme, will prepare a detailed business model, a development plan and already deliver new or improved product or service.

The project is created in collaboration with the Centre for Creativity under MAO (Museum for Architecture and Design) and is a member of the networking partnership with the Centre for Creativity. The project is co-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund).