HeritageLab launched


We are pleased to announce the launch of HeritageLab – world’s first heritage-based incubator! 

As we were preparing for the European Commission's call for the best European Social Innovation in 2018, we were not exactly aware that a cultural heritage incubator would generate such interest in the broader public. In a fierce competition of over 700 ideas, we ranked among the top 3 teams!

Cultural heritage must be innovative and open

Founded in 2012, the Idrija 2020 Association has been since the beginning focused on the UNESCO cultural heritage of Idrija, second largest mercury mine in the world and the oldest mining town in Slovenia. Even though we weren't aware of plans and strategies for the area of the cultural heritage, our youthful enthusiasm (and even naivety) drove us to see cultural heritage differently - open and innovative. Thus, we organized events, workshops and international meetings that caught the attention of both young people and the elderly who followed our activities with interest. Our goal was to present cultural heritage differently, to explore its hidden potentials and engage in the fields of cultural heritage that are often left neglected.

The business value of cultural heritage is at the forefront

Cultural heritage must "breathe", change and renew itself. It's value for the community and local area has tremendous importance - both economically and socially. Cultural heritage is an opportunity - not just for (re)discovering identity.t  It also holds immense potential for development of innovative business ideas.

With cultural heritage incubator we want to foster entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and competences, needed in the area of cultural heritage. We're looking for new ideas that will create additional value for the local community.

All selected incubees will gain:

  • professional mentoring support (entrepreneurship, social innovation, cultural heritage, legal and tax support, marketing …);
  • up-to-date consulting on funding, networking and education opportunities;
  • space for co-working in Idrija;
  • regular socializing and opportunities for personal and career growth;
  • pocket ­money.

Applications are open until May 31st. We will select 3-5 teams that will have the best and most prosperous business ideas.

More info at www.id20.si/heritagelab