Preparation of the Virtual Museum from Farmer to Worker 

In modern times, the protection and interpretation of cultural heritage rely more and more on digital solutions that enable more systematised data storage, the creation of accurate 2D and 3D images and, of course, the preparation of enhanced experiences for a more intensive perception of heritage. The Idrija 2020 Association also ventured into the field of connecting digital experiences and researching the past and, together with partners, conceived the idea of preparing a virtual museum.

Creating a Digital Museum Room

How did we go about it? Together with Zavod Dobra pot and KID KIBLA, as part of the Digital Heritage Incubator project, we developed the idea of a virtual museum collection entitled From Farmer to Worker, encompassing the heritage of the industrial revolution in Slovenia. Since our partners come from different regions in Slovenia, we invited secondary schools from across the country to participate. We have set ourselves the goal that each secondary school presents one segment of the heritage imprinted on the space by the industrial revolution. Thus, we set about researching living conditions, industrialisation, transport, and clothing culture, as well as the changes that took place in these areas because of significant changes in the 19th and 20th centuries. With the support of partners from KID KIBLA, the project team members got to know the Mozilla Spoke application in detail, enabling the creation of a virtual space that can be freely adapted with photos, 3D models and texts.

A look inside the Mozilla Spoke virtual room.

Workshops with High School Students

First, we learned about the heritage of the industrial revolution in Slovenia, and then high school students carried on with creating virtual museum rooms taking the lead and becoming curators. By browsing pre-prepared collections of objects and photos, the Internet and other sources of information, the students created the museum rooms according to their ideas. Their projects will later be added to a wider, all-Slovenian virtual museum. We have held workshops in four Slovenian towns and will continue our tour of Slovenian secondary schools soon. We plan to present the virtual museum From Farmer to Worker on the Duri website early next year.

The students quickly took on the roles of curators.

The Duri Portal Connects Heritage Lovers

One of the main results of the Digital Heritage Incubator project, where the virtual collection From Farmer to Worker is being created, was the creation of an online heritage portal Duri, where much interesting information and valuable tips for engagement in the field of cultural heritage are collected. A great asset of the portal is a series of free courses in which anyone can attend exciting presentations on digital heritage research, digitisation of heritage and renovation of old houses from the comfort of their home. It is also worth pointing out the award-winning application Zapisi spomina, where you can record the memories of the elderly and thereby strengthen intergenerational ties. You are invited to visit Duri!