The Scent of Idrijski Žlikrofi Was in the Air 

On Saturday, August 20, Idrija came back to life. The Idrija Žlikrofi Festival attracted foreign and domestic visitors, excited to try some Slovenian cuisine, especially Idrijski žlikrofi, for which a European label of Traditional Speciality Guaranteed was awarded.

This time, the Idrija Žlikrofi Festival was held for the 8th time in a row (if we don't count the Days of Idrijski žlikrofi, which was held for the first two years). First, the festival was organised by the Idrija-Cerkno Development Agency. Then in 2017, the festival came under the auspices of the Youth Center Idrija, which slightly changed the concept of the event. It has been organised as part of the ID20 Institute for the last two years.

Adam and Boža Impressed

This year, as part of the festival, visitors could taste a rich selection of certified Idrijski žlikrofi. The six manufacturers and providers put in much effort, which was also visible in the happy faces of the visitors. We were introduced to Domači žlikrofi Teja, Gostilna Kos, Gostišče Barbara, Vaški žlikrofi Tončič and Žlikrofi Irma. In Žlikrof challenge 2022, the special guests - Adam Šerc and Ljubislav Petrovski - Božo, contestants of the last season of Masterchef Slovenia, impressed everyone.

The visitors could taste the rich offer of Idrijski žlikrofi. Photo: Andrija Majsen

Just as impressive was the selection of sweets, where we presented two ethnological specialities - štruklji from Kobari and prfarski štrukljevec from Spodnja Idrija. In addition, Hiša Gabron also offered a selection of homemade ice cream and delicious coffee.

The culinary experience was complemented by guests from Hrastnik, who presented the traditional miner dish funšterc from Zasavje. Rudarska godba Hrastnik also enriched the event musically in cooperation with Godbeno društvo rudarjev Idrija. We were glad that the mayor of Hrastnik, Marko Funkl, also visited us and addressed the visitors together with the mayor of Idrija, Tomaž Venclj. The delegation’s program from Hrastnik was rounded off by the performance of the Jurček Marionette Theater, which impressed both the young and the elderly.

The mayors of Hrastnik and Idrija also greeted the visitors. Photo: Andrija Majsen

Cocktails, Beer and Wine

The diverse offer of beverages complemented the culinary offer. Two local brewers - Crazy Duck and Pivovarna Zajc - and winemakers Kleti Brda presented themselves. There was much interest at the unique cocktail bar, where local resident Alen Mizić offered interesting combinations of cocktails. Providers with the Idrija Selected certificate also attended the festival.

Visitors to the event could take pictures in a special photo booth. Photo: Andrija Majsen

The Music Filled the Venue

During the day, the Suho cvetje ensemble entertained the event's visitors with live music. We closed the Idrija Žlikrofi Festival in the evening with the Ante Upendanten Bande concert.

We want to thank everyone who contributed to the festival’s success - Municipality of Idrija, the local community KS Mesto Idrija, Zavod za turizem Idrija, NLB - Nova Ljubljanski banka, Elektro Primorski, Spar Slovenija, Komunala Idrija, Idrija Municipality Museum, Idrija Mercury Mine, ICRA d.o.o., Youth Center Idrija, Teniški klub Kolektor Idrija, the delegation from Hrastnik, the VAO association, TKD Kanomlja and all producers, suppliers, caterers, hunting families, holders of the Idrija Selected certificate and beverage providers.