We Take the Processes in Heritage Innovation One Step Further!

We are almost in the year 2020, which is a turning point for us. In 2012, when we have formed an association, we named it Idrija 2020. At that time the year 2020 was somewhere in the far, unforeseeable future. On Friday, November 15, we've turned a new page in our story – we've officially moved to the new premises, placed in the engine room of the UNESCO inscribed Inzaghi shaft in Idrija, and announced the launch of the subsidiary non-profit ID20 Institute.

Back in 2012, Idrija didn't have any premises dedicated to young people. Decision-makers didn't engage with young people. Nobody talked about young people leaving Idrija and the surrounding area. Except for leisure activities, decision-makers did not engage with young people. Housing for young people was not a political issue. Tourism was mentioned as an opportunity for new jobs, but there were no such jobs.

When we started mentioning negative statistical trends and emphasized the need for diversification of employment opportunities, stronger youth policies and youth spaces, we were often ignored. Some said we expected too much. Or that it is a war we cannot win. But we were persistent.

Where to Go Further ?

After a few years of persisting, we've managed to establish a new youth centre. Now we have new goals to achieve. We want to share our experiences, contacts and knowledge with private, public and non-governmental organizations and together create change in the heritage field. The Idrija 2020 Institute, which has just been launched, will support organizations and individuals and work with partners in new heritage projects.

ID20 team from left to right: (bottom) Peter Lahajnar, Matevž Straus, Urša Mihevc, Žan Menart, (top) Matevž Šlabnik, Drejc Kokošar, Urban Šlabnik in Iztok Hvala. Foto: Marko Čuk

Institute ID20 is based on three pillars:

  • Heritage + Entrepreneurship
  • Heritage + Marketing
  • Heritage + Architecture

In addition to working for partners, we will also carry out our entrepreneurial activities in a new, innovative way.

Innovative Local Gastronomy

Visitors of the welcome event were greeted by the president of Idrija 2020 Association, Matevž Straus. He is the main initiator of the ID20 Institute establishment. New director of the ID20 Institute will be Peter Lahajnar, web developer, designer and organizer of public events. He greeted visitors and toasted to the newly-established institute.

DJ Matic Ozebek kept visitors in a good mood.

Gastronomical part of the event was organized by the Idrija Žlikrofi Festival team. Together with Urban Šlabnik (Frudl Špancir) they've surprised us with unique gastronomy experience. Tasteful trout canapé was complemented with »geruš« (local wormwood alcoholic drink) cocktail and sparkling wine Castra from the Vipava valley. Protected Idria Žlikrofi (local speciality) of course couldn't miss at the event – local dumplings were served with two unique sauces.

Visitors tasted unique local protected dish, Idria Žlikrofi, and toasted with sparkling wine from the Vipava Valley.