The ArchiPelago is an enabling addition to the courtyard that instead of disrupting, improves the relationship between people, historical structure and public space, with the goal to attract more diverse visitors and offer daytime/nighttime uses throughout the summer in the historic castle building.

We are renovating! the exhibition

The ‘We are renovating! the exhibition’ is a great opportunity to promote the excellence of local adaptive re-use projects, but also highlight the modular masterpiece that Kiosk K67 is for Slovenian architecture. The ArchiPelago intervention is a set of micro-interventions for the public to complement the exhibition and improve the experiential side of the current use of the MAO courtyard.

  • AuthorsIztok Hvala
    Anthi Tzakou
  • PartnerDruštvo Idrija 2020
    Ulica IX. korpusa 17, 5280 Idrija

Idrija2020’s interventions is a hybrid of time-based public uses that implement the modularity of K67 to respect and leave the courtyard architecturally intact, while allowing the Fužine castle to transcend to its future.

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