Common Good (2023 - 2024)

Who preserves the cultural heritage? Who are the individuals who make sure that traditional knowledge and skills are not forgotten and that they are passed down from generation to generation, changed and enriched? As part of the Common Good project, we want to identify these artisans, craftsmen, etc., all who, with their activities, contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage and provide them with opportunities to transfer their knowledge.

The Common Good project, which we are implementing in collaboration with partners from Portugal (Casa d'Abóbora) and Romania (Asociatia Super Tineri (ASIRYS)), will focus on artisans, craftsmen and local artists and the activities in which they are involved. Each partner will identify already existing and less known actors in their area and present them in a unified online cartographic database. Based on the research, we will then organise 12 workshops in each partner country over the course of the year. The goal is for the workshops to be conducted by "masters" (i.e., artisans, chefs, etc.), who will be identified in the first part of the project.

Through the workshops, the project encourages the involvement of the local population, brings visibility to the actors and their activities, and offers the general population access to learning about and continuing the development of traditional crafts.

The main results of the project:

  • A unified online map with identified actors in the field of protection and preservation of cultural heritage presented on the project's website.
  • 12 conducted workshops with knowledge bearers of specific elements of cultural heritage in Portugal, Romania and Slovenia.
  • Toolkit with instructions for implementing a similar project elsewhere in Europe

Duration of the project: 1 March 2023 – 1 March 2024

Value: €60,000.00

Partners: Casa d'Abóbora - Youth Association, Portugal (lead partner); Asociatia Super Tineri (ASIRYS), Romania; ID20, Slovenia.

The project was acquired in the field of adult education within the framework of the ERASMUS+ call.