COMM.ON HERITAGE. Community Manager for Inclusive Development of Vulnerable Areas based On Heritage

The Erasmus+ KA2 project “COMM.ON HERITAGE. Community Manager for Inclusive Development of Vulnerable Areas based On Heritage” is based on the role that cultural heritage can play in contributing to social inclusion and economic growth in specific context: mountain, (semi-)peripheral and rural areas.

These areas are vulnerable due to the demographic, social and economic changes that they are facing. Cultural heritage offers opportunities, but the marginality of the areas prevents the community to benefit from them. These areas need specific competences (merging heritage expertise, community building skills, business modelling, design thinking, new media and social networks, system thinking) aimed at mobilizing community members to make use of their common resources and promoting cultural heritage focusing on the community and with a dynamic approach.

In this view, heritage is understood as a catalyst not a barrier, and especially valued for its contribution to the social innovation process for its creative and innovative capacity, identity and attractiveness generation capacity, and catalysation capacity.

In particular, the project aims to contribute to the following initiatives:

  • Shared heritage: cultural heritage belongs to us all, included adult people coming from Third Countries and resettled in Europe in the last years
  • Sustainability: Heritage in transition: re-imagining, recovering and maintaining industrial, religious, military sites and landscapes; Tourism and heritage: responsible and sustainable tourism around cultural heritage
  • Innovation: Heritage-related skills: better education and training for traditional and new professions;

As a Strategic Partnership supporting Innovation, the project has the primary goal to allow partners to design and test innovative intervention methodology, aimed at improving the competences of community managers promoting local heritage-based and inclusive development in vulnerable areas

Partners in the project: L'Ovile Cooperativa di Solidarietà Sociale (Italy), Društvo Idrija 2020 (Slovenia), Kyttaro Enallaktikon Anazitiseon Neaon Kean (Greece), Paola (Malta), Associação RCDI - Rede de Competências para o Desenvolvimento e a Inovação (Portugal).

Start: 01-11-2019 - End: 31-10-2021
EU Grant: 252 395 EUR

Contact person: Drejc Kokošar
Phone: +38651255788