A Rural Youth Work in the Focus of the New Interactive Booklet

When dealing with the rural or peripheral areas, greater emphasis should be placed on young people. This will lead to the better future for these areas, already experiencing outmigration due to lower possibilities for young people, compared to the urban areas. A new booklet A step towards better rural youth work, published in 4 different languages, brings more than 20 good practices in rural youth work, funding opportunities, and policies on the rural youth work.

The brochure was created within the Erasmus + project Under the Loupe: Rural Youth Work! in the partnership with Napor from Serbia and Udruga Prizma from Croatia.

In the recent years it has become clear that youth work in the rural areas does not have the same conditions as in the urban environment. This is also recognized in the recently adopted European Youth Goals, where one of the goals is aimed directly at the rural youth work (Moving Rural Youth Forward).

European rural areas are experiencing a rapid decline and outmigration of the young people, who are moving to the bigger cities due to a lack of opportunities. Consequently, rural population is in the process of aging and decline. Affected regions thus experience apathy, dissatisfaction and disappointment.

By publishing the booklet A step towards better rural youth work, we would like to contribute to the better development of the youth work in the rural areas. More than 20 good practices in the booklet are further enriched by interactive videos to gain better insight into the mentioned organisations. The municipality of Idrija, which has been known in Slovenia in recent years as a good example of the youth work development, is also introduced in the booklet, together with the Croatian municipality of Gračac. We have presented many good practices from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and rest of the EU, which lead the way in showing new opportunities for the rural youth work.

Youth Center Idrija is also an example of the good practice in the rural youth work.

Youth workers should read the chapter on policies and strategies, which provides an overview of the most important strategic documents in the field of the youth work in the rural area. For a long-term development of the rural youth work, financial resources are of the essential importance to the organisations. This is why a funding opportunities chapter is also included in the booklet.

You can read a booklet in 4 different languages:

The project Under the Loupe: Rural Youth Work!, within which the booklet was created, puts into the focus rural youth work in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. Serbian Institute of Social Sciences and the Croatian Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar will conduct research among rural youth and determine the state of rural youth work in Croatia and Serbia. As an example of good practice, the partners will visit Idrija and some other good practices in Slovenia. As part of the project, we will also prepare a national discussion on the future of rural youth work.