Duri Opens the Door to the World of Cultural Heritage 

At Idrija 2020 Association, we have been committed to working in the cultural heritage field for many years. We want to contribute to greater recognition and emphasise its importance for society. As a part of the Digital Heritage Incubator project, in cooperation with Zavod Dobra pot and KID KIBLA, we prepared an all-Slovenian heritage platform we named Duri. On May 20, 2022, the Duri website was presented for the first time at a special press conference.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been intensively preparing the new online platform Duri. We want to open the door to the world of learning, research, and creation in the cultural heritage field for all visitors. News and tips for heritage events are already collected on the Duri platform. Special attention is paid to the presentation of the Zapisi spomina application, where users can record the memories of their loved ones. The first three online courses dedicated to digital research, digitisation of heritage and support in renovating old houses are already available to all registered users. We hope that the Duri platform, which we will continue to upgrade in the coming months, will become a meeting point for all lovers of cultural heritage.

The Duri website invites lovers of cultural heritage. Photo: Screen capture.

Public Presentation With a Press Conference

The press conference for the presentation of the Duri website was held on Friday, May 20, 2022, in Maribor and online on the ZOOM platform. Lead members of all three participating organisations were present.

A snapshot from the recording of an online course on the digitisation of cultural heritage. Photo: Idrija 2020.

Partnership Based on Connection

The Digital Heritage Incubator project was selected in the field of culture as part of the public tender of the Ministry of Public Administration for the digital transformation of non-governmental and voluntary organisations, as it is primarily intended to bring together the cultural heritage sector and the necessary digitisation in modern times. The project partners, who each work in their specific environment in the cultural heritage development and education field, have developed a comprehensive program that will address these challenges with a series of events, training activities and individual support. The established online platform Duri is intended to support, inform, and connect everyone who works in the cultural heritage sphere. Out of 47 funded projects at the national level, the project was recognised as the best in the field of culture, which gives all partners additional confirmation that our efforts to popularise cultural heritage are necessary and desirable.

Cover photo: Church of Holy Trinity in Hrastovlje. Photo: Jaka Ivančič (www.slovenia.info).